Touch Point Cleaning: the first line of defense

If you’ve been in business with us then you may have noticed that we emphasize touch point cleaning but what is it exactly? Touch point cleaning is a type of cleaning that focuses on high traffic areas and surfaces in homes and offices that everyone touches. A few examples of touch points are:

  • Light switches
  • Door handles
  • Elevator buttons
  • Chair arm rests

We often overlook these areas for cleaning but they are the most important areas to address when cleaning; they are considered high risk areas for lingering bacteria, viruses and germs. 

Therefore, a dedicated touch point cleaning service is the frontline that keeps infections at a minimum. In turn, it helps to maintain the health of the building’s occupants. Touch point cleaning certainly doesn’t take much time but rather attention to detail so we’re sharing with you our tools of the trade:

1) Microfiber cloths vs. cotton: We choose to use microfiber because they are effective in infection control cleaning. Furthermore, the fibers are thin and split many times smaller than a human hair hence they are able to penetrate cracks and crevasses that cotton cloths would otherwise not be able to reach.

2) Eco-friendly Disinfectant: Touch point cleaning and disinfectants go hand in hand. However if you’re going to be cleaning touch points it is important to use products that aren’t harsh on skin.

Touch point cleaning is how we ensure your building radiates hygiene!

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