Beyond the Cleaning Service: The Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Company

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear professional cleaning company? Go ahead, take a few minutes. Most people consider hiring a professional cleaning company to be contract binding and expensive. What you need to know is that when you choose to hire professionals, you’re paying for benefits that are often taken for granted. Here are 10 services you get beyond the cleaning services.

1. Commitment:

While it’s true that many cleaning companies require a contract, some don’t. However, the benefit of a contract is trust between the service provider and the client. A contract is proof of a commitment to you and the cleaning process you’re promised. Contracts should give you peace of mind not more stress. Contractual trust ensures that your custodians are adhering to health and safety standards, they are fully insured and your account manager is dedicated to delivering the best service.

2. Insured Professional Cleaners:

Tied with a company’s commitment is their accountability. Far too often when we hire individual housekeepers, incidents happen that break the verbal trust agreement. Doubts creep in and you wonder if you misplaced something valuable or if it was stolen. If materials break, who’s going to pay for it? Professional cleaners take care of such unfortunate incidents because they have a zero tolerance policy on theft and they are fully insured. Furthermore, they keep meticulous logs on the people who cleaned your house and the schedule of the clean. You can rest assured that such matters will be handled professionally.

3. On Demand Services:

What do you need and how soon do you need it? Whatever the case you rely on professional cleaning companies because their team consists of a workforce that’s available and flexible. With just a call away you can schedule a site visit or request a quote. 

4. Training, Certificates & Expertise:

The term professional should give you a hint here; they devote a lot of time and money to train in this endeavor. Many professional cleaning companies not only train their staff in equipment and cleaning methods but also in customer service, etiquette as well as occupational health and safety. Staff are also carefully vetted and selected from numerous other qualified individuals. This is done so the company ensures that they select the best people to serve your cleaning needs.

5. Flexibility & Customization:

Chances are when you decide to hire a cleaning company, you already know what services you want done. That’s important and all that’s left on your part is to communicate your needs and budget to the company so it can be customized to suit you. Many cleaning companies have options for daily, weekly, monthly cleaning. Furthermore, you can choose the types of cleaning detergents you prefer (your own or the company’s eco-friendly products). 

6. Online Estimate:

We can’t stress enough how easy it is these days to find a professional cleaning company. With so many companies in Kenya, you’re spoilt for choice. Some companies make it even easier for you by providing a website with detailed information about their services and an option to request a free quote. With such information at your fingertips you can also decide to schedule a personal site visit so all your needs are addressed before hand. This simplified search, online estimates saves you time and money.

7. Customer Care & Good Impressions:

With simple online  stimates, flexibility and customization, and commitment you’re bound to get excellent customer service. Your accounts manager will be accessible at all times. In line with this is leaving a lasting impression on your building or facilities. The custodian assigned to you is trained in etiquette and is likely to be one of the first person your visitors come into contact with you. A lasting first impression from custodians reflect well on your home and business. Furthermore, your relationship with the company’s customer service ensures that your ideals and needs are projected the way you want them.

8. Save Time on Recruitment:

What’s the process of finding a housekeeper these days? Ask a friend and interview them individually. Then of course there’s the process of asking for referrals and researching on Kenya’s employment laws & regulations. On top of all this you may also have to train them. A professional cleaning company already has this covered which saves hours of manpower and if you still have doubts, any certificates can be provided to you as per your request.

9. Hygiene:

Cleaning goes beyond the surface; there is a lot more going on microscopically that we often don’t think about. Cleaning companies focus on sanitizing and disinfecting touchpoints ensuring that the transference of germs is minimized therefore maintaining hygiene. A focus on touchpoints such as on door knobs, door locks, light switches and any other points of contact is crucial in our busy day-to-day lives.

10. Contribute to the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility:

Many companies take their CSR very seriously and implement initiatives into their policies. When you hire a professional cleaning company you’re contributing to their efforts. Holistic Hygiene for example is a green cleaning company; our cleaning detergents and cleaning procedures are eco-friendly. Furthermore, we provide assistance and support to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse by reserving custodial positions in our company. Resulting in vocational training and employment opportunities for these girls. When you choose Holistic Hygiene, you’re making an effort to combat global warming and providing employment opportunities for girls whose potential was shadowed by their past.

If you’re still on the fence about hiring a professional cleaning company, consider working with a company that goes beyond clean. The HH Service Guarantee gives you the benefit of discovering for yourself how we can transform your home or office into a perfectly clean space that your visitors enjoy walking into.

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