About Us

As our name reflects, we are focused on delivering world class cleaning services by considering all aspects of the cleaning process.

We aim to satisfy your business/personal needs and deliver best value through our impeccable cleaning solutions. We shall have your facilities clean, sanitary and fully usable for their intended purposes whilst observing environmental sustainability. Holistic Hygiene Limited (HH) is licensed and insured to offercomprehensive cleaning services suited for industrial, commercial and residential cleaning needs in Kenya.

To provide comprehensive cleaning services that aim to understand and offer solutions to the customer’s needs and to offer impeccable quality of hygiene standards that ensures the well-being of our clients, employees and the environment.


To be the leading provider of outstanding cleaning services to the industrial, commercial and residential markets in the region.

Our Values


Be an expert in what we do and place the needs of our customers and clients first while maintaining the highest standards of reliability and trust.

Environmental Consciousness

Our eco-friendly products and methods (microfiber cloths and mops & chemical dilution and sprayer system) are designed with the environment in mind.

Superior Quality

In line with our mission, we strive to offer impeccable quality in all aspects of our services.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work hand in hand with Mary Faith Children’s Home (MARFER) to provide employment opportunities to victims of sexual and domestic abuse.